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Major Kaidan Alenko, Human Spectre.

Our instructor was a Turian by the name of Commander Vyrnnus. To introduce himself, he liked to say, “I was at the helm of the dreadnought that killed your father.” I told him my dad wasn’t in the war. He’d retired to Vancouver. My family had an inland home that matured to new beachfront. Vyrnnus had it in for me after that. He cut corners, pushed hard. I mean, you either came out a superman or a wreck. And a lot of kids snapped. A few died.

It was Vyrnus who made me see how human aliens are. They’re not different or special. They’re jerks and saints just like us. Hell, by the time I got payback, I didn’t even want it anymore. 

He hurt Rahna. Broke her arm. She reached for a glass of water instead of pulling it biotically. She just wanted a drink without getting a nosebleed, you know? Like an idiot, I stood up. Didn’t know what I was going to do…just something. And Vyrnnus lost it. Beat the crap out of me. Kept shouting how they should have bombed us back into the stone age. That’s when the knife came up. A military-issue talon. Right in my face. I cut loose. Full biotic kick, right in the teeth. Almost as strong as I can manage now. At seventeen, that’s something

Maybe my intentions were noble, but I lost control.

I killed him, Shepard.

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i just love that kaidan is the one to make the first move in the mshenko romance.

maybe shepard thinks that he doesn’t deserve a partner. or that he doesn’t have time, or that kaidan, this strong, talented, nerdy sexy loyal man, wouldn’t have time for him. wouldn’t want to make time for him.

and then kaidan stuns him. he doesn’t come right out and say it, because that’s not him, and true to the last three years of knowing him, shepard can read between the lines. but he doesn’t trust himself right away. because — kaidan, and him? kaidan wants that?

and kaidan smiles at him and shepard realizes that there’s something warmer in his eyes — or maybe it’s been there all along and shepard was just too sure it wasn’t for him.

it feels right, doesn’t it, kaidan says, and it feels more than right. it feels like a second chance.

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You hold me in your hands. You won’t let me fall.

#the way he squeezes his eyes tight  #and shuts everything else out  #like the only space that exists is the warm curve of brian’s neck  #sometimes I think about justin in new york  #collapsing into bed after a long day  #curling up and hugging himself  #trying to replicate the feeling of being enveloped in brian’s arms  #finally giving in and calling him even though it’s 3AM  #and after a few minutes of small talk and then silence  #finally admitting  #’I can’t do this. I can’t. I want you here so bad that I can’t sleep at night’  #and brian just exhaling softly  #and saying  #’I /am/ there sunshine. I am wherever you are’ (via candlewinds)

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