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You’re pretty brave, actually. Standing up to your father like that.

# I DON’T WANT TO THINK ABOUT EVERYONE’S REACTIONS HERE # but obvs I am get ready for some meta # like just before this when brian is charging at craig and emmett knows what to say to get him to calm down # STOP IT IT’S HIS DAD # because being hurt by your parents for your sexuality is something that emmett and brian both understand # especially craig giving justin an ultimatum like that # Brian screams FUCK and turns away # because he’s been here before he knows this situation # he can see it happening all again # his own teenage years of hell # fathers hating you and yelling at you and hurting you # and he knows what it means for justin he knows that he’ll never be the same boy now # he’ll always have this hole in him now # and brian can’t watch another kid go into a toxic abusive environment # as soon as justin starts screaming # as soon as he starts losing control # brian knows that getting to justin and calming him down is more important than getting revenge on craig # justin’s in pain and brian can see it he knows what that feels like # so he knows how to comfort justin # how to calm him down # fuck these two I’m out (via winnifredburkle)

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The more I see comparison gifs like these, the more I think - you don’t carve the out the person and leave the skills - that is not what they did at all. They kept everything of the person (even gave him some more skills) and took the memories.  What you have left is a being who is a hunter, who is a killer, who is loyal, who is protective, who is sassy and talks back, etc, and who is up for grabs.  Without the memories to inform WHO to protect, WHO to be loyal to, WHO (and what) it is worth killing for, they can manipulate the character traits into being protective of them, of being loyal to them, of killing for them.  

In some respects, that may be even worse, when he regains his memories.  Because everything he did as Winter Soldier is still him.  He can not look at those events and say - that was not me - because it was.  He was not a robot acting on programming - he was him, acting on false information.  


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